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Flip Fantazia
Music for SYNC

Bespoke Audio Design for TV / Ads / Film / Web3 / Games / Multi Genre

Film Reel

We love writing music to brief for SYNC and across multiple genres as you can see/hear below. From crime scene inspired beds laden with orchestral sweeps & anxious synth line builds in 'Tension Suspension', to Intense & dramatic modern atmospherics, gritty drums, cinematic piano motifs & expansive atmospherics in 'Definitive Drama' and the Hyper-Modern Thriller Score of 'Electric Noir' album. Juxtapose that with the Love Island Vocal House feels of our 'Tropical Pop' album and the 20's inspired Electro Swing flavours of Caravan Palace, Parov Stelar & Yolanda Be Cool. If you're after some dusty low slung trip hop vibes reminiscent of AIRBonobo, DJ Shadow or Zero 7 then look no further than our own album 'The Trip'. Or to go down more of an 80's synth-wave avenue check our Narrative Electronica album or indeed head down under for some didgeridoo infused Deep House vibes with our Gold Coast Australia album. There's some authentic Samba & Salsa we wrote for Ninja Tune's 'Latin Excursions' album as well as a funky food flavoured track called Heat It Up and a remix they asked us to make of Flight of the Bumblebee! We've also made some pumping Dance tunes as featured in Club Charts, Nu Disco & the Feel Good House albums below and some more laid back Café del Mar style Balearic beats on 'Summer Breeze' with some laid back piano and orchestral score in Traces of Truth and Senses. Something for every occasion we hope! Click on our album covers below then follow the link to hear the music or have a scroll through our soundcloud player below to hear all the music we've written for sync and get in touch if you'd like us to work on something for you >

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